Completing/Submitting DS-160

You must have a digital photo ready for upload. The photo must meet the requirements set by the US Department of State. Test if your photo is acceptable before you start your application.

Access Form DS-160 by selecting the location for the Visa Interview from the pull-down menu and entering the CAPTCHA. Then click Start Application.
You will get a security question. If you cannot answer it, select another question. Write your answer down as you can need it later on.
You will see an Application ID in the right top corner. Write this number down too.

Do not use the navigation of your browser but use the buttons on the form page itself.
If your DS-160 Form is idle for about 20 minutes you will be logged out and your session will end.

The completed part of the form is also saved automatically. To stop and resume go to CEAC, choose Retrieve an Application. You then need to provide security information: the first 5 letters of your last name, your year of birth, the answer to the security question.

You can stop and download the completed part of the form to your computer. Use the Save button. To resume go to CEAC, choose Upload an Application and click Browse (or Choose File) to select the location of your file. Use this option if you expect not to finish your application within 30 days.

1. Complete all questions.

  • You must answer all questions. You will get an error message if you miss one.
    For most questions explanations and instructions are given on the page under Help.

2. Upload your photo.

  • After you answered all questions you must upload your photo.
    Click the Upload Your Photo button. You will see instructions how to upload your photo.
    You can also access the DOS Photo Tool to adjust a photo.
  • Click Browse (or Choose File) to select the location of your photo.
    After you have selected (or opened) the photo click the Upload Selected Photo button.
    If the upload is successful you will see a message confirming this.
    Click the Continue Using This Photo button.
  • If your photo fails to upload you will receive a message explaining why.
    Click the Continue Without a Photo button.
    Click Choose a Different Photo to upload another image OR click the Next: Review button.
    This makes it possible to go to the Review part of the application without uploading a photo.
  • In that case you must bring a real/physical photo to your Visa Interview. A digital photo will not be accepted.

3. Review your information.

  • Review the information you entered by clicking the Review button.
    Look at all your answers carefully. To change or correct click the Edit Information link.
    After the edit is made you must click Review – at the top of the page – to go back.
    You can print each edited page using the icon or you can print your complete application form in Review.
  • Verify that all information is complete and correct.
    You cannot make changes anymore once you have submitted your application.
    Questions incorrectly answered with Does Not Apply or Do not Know can cause your application to be rejected during the Visa Interview. You must then re-submit, pay the fee again, schedule a new interview appointment.

4. Sign and Submit.

  • Enter your passport number and the CAPTCHA code.
    Click the Sign and Submit Application button.
    This constitutes your E(electronic)-signature.
  • If an applicant is 15 years or younger or incapable of completing the application him/herself, a parent or legal guardian can complete and submit the application on his or her behalf.

5. Print the Confirmation Page.

  • You MUST print the Barcoded Confirmation Page to bring with you to the Visa Interview.
    Make sure your print is clear and legible.
    You can email the Confirmation Page to yourself.
  • CEAC does not send emails with DS-160 confirmation.

If you travel with a group.

  • The DS-160 Form includes a “Family and Group” feature that allows to copy certain information into another application form.
    The Thank You page gives the option to create a Family or Group application.
    If you select this option certain information will automatically be imported to and displayed on a new application. You still need to create an individual application for each family member or each individual within the group.