I was refused a US Visa. Can I use the VWP ?

  • No. You need a B-1/2 Visa to visit.

How long is my ESTA Authorization valid ?

  1. For most countries the validity period is two years, for some countries only one year.
    You must submit a new application once your ESTA expires.

  2. You must also submit a new application if you:

    • change your name (e.g. because of marriage, divorce)
    • receive a new passport
    • change gender
    • change citizenship
    • have a change in situation (legal or medical) that impacts your authorization

How often can I use my ESTA Authorization ?

  • As often as you need, as long as it is valid and your passport is valid.

My ESTA Authorization will expire while I am visiting the US.

  • That is not a problem. You do not need the authorization to depart the US.

I forgot my ESTA Authorization Number.

  • Go to the Check ESTA Status page on the CBP website. The number will be sent to the email address you entered on your application.

I have a US Green Card. Do I need to apply with ESTA ?

  • No. You have an Immigrant Visa. ESTA is for VWP visitors only.

I have a Non-Immigrant Visa. Do I need to apply with ESTA ?

  • No. You can travel on your N-I visa as long as it is valid. ESTA is for VWP visitors only.

I am a citizen of a VWP country. On my way to a third country I will have a stop-over in the US. Do I need to apply with ESTA ?

  • Yes, you do. On your application answer Yes to the question whether you are In Transit.