For Entrant Status Check (ESC) go to the eDV website

Click Check Status, on the next page click Welcome. 
Follow the instructions for Enter Entrant Information.

You must enter your 16-digit Entrant Confirmation Number, your LAST name as given on the Entry Form, and your year of birth. You received the Confirmation Number last year when you entered.

If you are a Selected Entrant you will see a Notice of Selection that says “Entry is Selected for Further Processing”.  
You will be directed to a Confirmation Page that provides further instructions and shows the Case Number you are assigned.

All others will see the message “Your Entry HAS NOT BEEN SELECTED for Further Processing”. In other words: you did not win.

  • Make sure you are using the latest edition of your browser.
  • It makes no difference whether you look immediately after Status Check becomes possible or a few days later when Internet traffic to the eDV site is not so busy. Your chance of winning  is the same.
  • If you are not selected, do not immediately throw out your Confirmation Number. Sometimes a second drawing is held later in the year.
  • You are allowed to check again (and again).
  • If you lost your Confirmation Number you can retrieve it on the eDV website through the Enter Entrant Information page.
    Click the small blue text. On the next page choose the 2020 DV-program.
    You must then enter your complete name – last, first and middle name – and your date of birth as well as the email address you used when you submitted your Entry. It does not matter if you still use this email address or not, it is only asked for verification purposes.