Entrant Status Check (ESC) for the 2020 Diversity Visa Lottery starts on Tuesday, May 7, 2019.

For ESC go to to the eDV website:  dvlottery.state.gov

Click Check Status, on the next page click Welcome. 
Follow the instructions for Enter Entrant Information.

You will need the 16-digit Confirmation Number that you received when you entered.

Lost your Confirmation Number ?
 Click the line in blue that says so.
 You will then be asked to also give the email address you used on your Entry Form.

Because so many people want to see if they won, it is possible the eDV system gets overloaded. Just wait a few days. No need to check the first day, it does not give you a better chance. You are either are selected or you are not.

UPDATE May 9: the eDV website was off-line for most of the day on May 8 and is still experiencing server outages on May 9.

If you are selected: we just published our DV-2020 Winners Guide !