Family Coming Too

Your Spouse

You must be legally married to your spouse. Same-sex marriage qualifies too.
A registered relationship does not count. Nor does a ‘common law’ marriage. Exceptions can be made if this form of marriage is the custom in your culture.
Only a marriage between two people is valid.

You MUST list your spouse on your Entry Form.
Failure to do so will disqualify you.

  • You must list your spouse even when you are preparing to divorce.
    (Once the divorce is final the spouse cannot be issued a Derivative Diversity Visa anymore.)
  • You must list your spouse even if you are legally separated – still married but living apart following a court order.
    A legally separated spouse cannot be issued a Derivative Diversity Visa.
  • If you are divorced or if your spouse is deceased you do not have to list your former spouse.
Existing Relationship

If you are in a relationship and get married after you enter the DV-program or after discovering you are a Selected Entrant, you can be asked for proof of an already existing relationship. E.g. pictures of family gatherings, vacations together.
If this applies you must also bring documentation to the Visa Interview proving that you live at the same address, have a joint bank account, own or rent a house together, other proof that you share a life.

Marrying someone you have no relationship with for the sole purpose of bringing him/her into the U.S. is considered immigration fraud.