Preparing Your Entry

Your Name Part 2

Please also read Your Name Part 1

The Entry Form asks for your last name, first name, and middle name.

If you have two or more last names you must write these in the answer field for last name.
If you have two or more first names you must write these in the field for first name.

You have 33 spaces for the letters of each of your name(s). If you run out of spaces just stop writing.

If you have only one name, you must enter it in the field for last/family name.

Nota Bene. Make sure to write your names/name in the proper answer field(s). Doing it incorrectly can disqualify you.

If your name is written in Latin alphabet with umlaut, diacritics, or accent marks, just write the letters and do not add the markings. Do not add extra letters.

Contact the Embassy or Consulate in your home country for instructions:

  • In case your language uses a different script and you have problems with spelling your name in Latin characters.
  • If your first and your last name are combined to one name in your passport – by mistake or because this is customary in your country of origin.