Words of Warning

Your Name(s) Part 1

You must enter your name as it appears in your Passport. If you do not have a Passport enter your name as it is written on your Birth Certificate.
If you have a Birth Certificate and a Passport your name should be written the same on both.

It is possible you have no Birth Certificate and cannot obtain it. Go to the web pages of the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in the country where you were born. Search for Other Proof of Birth.
If you have a Proof of Birth document and a Passport your name should be written the same on both.

A last name is also called family name or surname.
People usually get the last name from their father (or mother). It tells which family one belongs to.

A first name is also called a given name or forename. Another term used is Christian name.

The first name is the name a person is usually called by family, friends, colleagues.
The official version of the first name must be entered, not the shortened version often used.

Many people also have a middle name. This name is sometimes called a patronymic.

In many countries languages are spoken that have a non-Latin script. On official papers then usually names are written in the original script as well as in Latin script.
On the Entry Form you must enter your name in Latin script identical as it appears in your passport.

Your name must be also written correctly on your high school diploma or certificate. If it is not contact the school and ask for an affidavit or a letter that the diploma or certificate is indeed yours. It should give the incorrect as well as the correct spelling of your name. The letter should be dated and signed by a school official who must also give his/her name and official job-title.