Do You Qualify ?

Work Experience

If you do not have the mandated level of education you can qualify through work training and/or work experience. But only certain specified occupations meet the requirement for the DV-program.
These occupations have been grouped into five ‘job zones’.
They are classified on a Specific Vocational Preparation (SVP) scale in relation to tasks, knowledge, skills, abilities, etc.
You must have worked during the last five years for at least two years in an occupation that is designated Job Zone 4 or 5, with an SVP range of 7.0 or higher.

To check whether you qualify through work go to
The O*Net On Line is a website created for the Department of Labor. It is a large database intended to provide more information about employment and training in the U.S.

Under the heading Find Occupations select Job Family from the pull-down menu.
On the page Browse by Job Family choose from the pull-down menu the Occupation that is same as yours or comes closest. Click Go. You will be given a choice of descriptions.
Make the choice for the Description that fits your job best and click the link. You will see a Summary Report. Read the details given in this report.
If this is a proper description of your job scroll to the very bottom of the report to find the Job Zone designated and the attributed SVP range. If the report is not a proper description of your job go back and make another choice till you find the best match.