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What To Do & When

All over the world millions of people are getting ready for the Visa Lottery every year.
Many try to access the eDV system before the program is opened. Unsuccessfully.
The DV Entry Form becomes accessible when the Registration or Entry Period for the DV program starts.

The moment the Visa Lottery opens the eDV system is hit by heavy internet traffic. As a result a lot of entrants are logged off by the system before their submission is completed. They must do their entry all over again.

There is no reason for the rush ! The Registration Period lasts for more than a month.
ALL Visa Lottery Entrants have the same chance of being selected. Entering early does not improve your chances of winning.

On the other hand, do not wait until the very last week of the Entry Period either. When the Lottery is almost over there will again be heavy demand on the eDV website. This can result in (long) delays. It can even be impossible to get access to the eDV site.

When you try to enter during the last few days and then discover that the system does not accept your photo, there is probably not enough time left to remedy this.

Entries submitted too late are disqualified immediately.

Email Account

You must have valid email account that you have continued access to. If you do not have it, set one up first.
Write down the email address and keep this information safe. You may need it for your Entrant Status Check in case you misplace your Confirmation Number.


Prepare your entry by collecting the information you need to submit.
Print the WORKSHEET(s). Write down your answers to the questions. Make sure your answers are complete and correct.

Check whether your photo (or photos) meet the requirements.
The photo must be a Digital Image ready for upload.

Translated Information

If your first language is not English go to and search Diversity Visa Program Entry Instructions. The page that appears offers links to translations in several languages.

If your language is not included go to the website
Link to the web pages of the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your home country.
These pages often have the option to change from English into the language(s) spoken in your country.