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Visa Fees

If you are Selected and submit a Visa Application you must pay fees.
If family members immigrate with you these fees must be paid for them also.

1. The Visa Application Fee

For the processing and the issuance of your Immigrant Visa.
Currently the Visa Fee is $330.
This fee must be paid before or during the Visa Interview.
The fee is non-refundable. If you are found ineligible for the visa the application fee is not paid back to you.

2. The Immigrant Fee

For the processing and the issuance of your Green Card.
Currently the Immigrant Fee is $220.
This fee must be paid after your visa is issued preferably before you leave for the U.S.
If you do not pay this fee you will not get your Green Card.

If you win and opt for Adjustment of Status (AOS) in the U.S. you must pay two fees.

  1. The DV Surcharge, currently $330.
  2. The AOS Fee, incl. a Biometrics Fee, is currently $1,225.

For a child under 14 the fee is $750 if the application is filed together with the application of the parent(s).

Visa Costs

Other costs you will encounter are for:

  • Medical Examination
  • X-ray
  • Blood test
  • Vaccinations – as needed
  • Fingerprinting
  • Photos
  • Birth Certificate
  • other Civil Documents
  • Police Certificate(s)
  • Military Record – if applicable
  • Court/Prison Records – if applicable
  • Mailing of Visa Packet & Passport

For each family member that immigrates with you the applicable costs must be added.