First Read This !

Do Not Underestimate

Many participants underestimate the complexity of the Diversity Visa program. It seems so easy: just a Lottery !
But the rules have become more strict over the years. A  small mistake on the Entry Form can now disqualify you. Often the mistake is discovered immediately after hitting the submit-button. Too late: no correction possible anymore.

Make sure you have all required information at hand when you start completing your Entry Form.
Prepare your entry using our WORKSHEET(S). Check and re-check. Then start.

Nota Bene. If you are selected and decide to apply for the visa you must provide proof for the personal information you give on the Entry Form.
The same rule applies to information submitted about your spouse (husband/wife) and/or your child/children.

  • misspelling a Name or incorrectly entering it
  • giving a Birth Date incorrectly
  • not entering information about a spouse and/or an eligible child/children
  • entering incorrect information either by mistake or on purpose
  • using the same photo already used for a previous Visa Lottery Entry