Words of Warning

Do Not Underestimate

Many participants underestimate the complexity of the Diversity Visa program. It seems so easy: just a Lottery !
But the rules have become more strict over the years. Now even a small mistake on the Entry Form can disqualify an Entrant. Often the mistake is discovered immediately after submitting the Entry. Too late: no correction possible anymore.

Make sure you have all required information at hand when you start completing your Entry Form.
Prepare your entry using our WORKSHEET(S). Check and re-check. Then start.

Nota Bene. If you are selected and apply for a visa you must provide proof for the personal information you give when on your Entry Form.
The same rule applies to information submitted about a spouse (husband or wife) and/or a child/children.

  • misspelling a Name or incorrectly entering it
  • giving a Birth Date incorrectly
  • not entering information about a spouse and/or eligible children
  • entering incorrect information either by mistake or on purpose
  • using the same photo already used for a previous Visa Lottery Entry