The DV 2022 Program

Terminology Used

When you participate in the DV-program and submit an Entry you are called an Entrant.
Your are the Primary or Principal or Main Entrant. If you are married and/or have a child/children these are your Derivative or Dependent Entrants.

Your spouse can also submit an Entry. Then he/she is the Primary or Principal or Main Entrant. And you and if applicable a child/children are his/her Derivative or Dependent Entrants.

Being selected makes an Entrant a Selected Entrant or Selectee. Also called Lottery Winner.

Selected Entrants can submit a Visa Application.
The Visa Lottery winner is the Primary or Principal or Main Applicant.
His/her application is called the Primary or Principal or Main Application.
The visa issued is the Primary or Principal or Main Visa.

The spouse or a child/children immigrating with the Visa Lottery winner must also submit an application. These family members are called Derivative or Dependent Visa Applicants, because their right to apply is based on – derived from – the winner.
They submit a Derivative or Dependent Application and receive a Derivative or Dependent Visa.

The visa that is issued is called Diversity Immigrant Visa. After arrival in the U.S. it becomes a Permanent Visa.
A Permanent Visa for the U.S. is commonly called a Green Card. Someone who has a Green Card is called a Resident or Permanent Resident or Legal Permanent Resident.
All Green Cards give the same rights.