Submitting Your Entry

Submission Confirmation

To submit you must click the Submit button on the form. You can click this button as often as needed.
When your Entry is accepted you will see a screen that says Submission Confirmation: Entry Received.
Once this happens do NOT click Submit again.

The Submission Confirmation Screen contains your full name as entered, your year of birth, and your Entrant Confirmation Number.
The Confirmation Number is generated at random and is unique to your Entry.
You need the number to do your Entrant Status Check (ESC) next year.

It can take several minutes for the Confirmation Screen to arrive.
Leave your browser open and stay on the page until you receive it.

Print the Confirmation Screen using the Print Icon in the right hand top corner.
In case you cannot print take a screen capture/picture. Consult your operating system how to do this.
Or write the information down.

Nota Bene. You must keep the window with the Submission Confirmation open until you are sure you correctly printed it, or captured the screen, or wrote the information down.
The moment you close the window the information is gone and cannot be retrieved at that time !

The Confirmation Screen also contains a Digital Signature. This ID is automatically generated. It is only needed in the rare event a dispute arises over your Entry Form.

NO Confirmation

If you do not receive a Confirmation Number after submitting the form, your entry was not recorded by the eDV system. In that case you must submit another Entry Form. (It will not count as a duplicate.)
Quit your browser application, open it again, and start over.

Once you receive a Confirmation Number, do not submit your Entry Form again.