The Next Chapter

Self Sufficiency

If you are Selected and file your Visa Application you will receive an appointment for a Visa Interview. This interview will take place at the US Embassy or a US Consulate in your home country*.

During this interview a Consular Officer will evaluate your financial strength. You must be able ‘to tide yourself over’ in the period after your arrival.
The officer will look at the costs you and if applicable your family must make to immigrate and how much you will need when you are not earning money yet.

The officer will also evaluate your chances to find employment based on your education, skills, work-experience, etc. The best option is to already have an offer for a job in the U.S.
Without a job offer you must have adequate savings and/or other assets.

Savings: bring a letter from your bank(s) with information about your bank accounts, when accounts were opened, history of the account(s), how much money is in each account.
Assets: if you own a house and/or a car and/or other assets you intend to sell bring pictures of the item(s), proof of ownership, a description of each item and its value, the location where the asset is kept.

Most Consular Officers require an amount at least equal to one year of household income above 125% of the U.S. poverty level guidelines.
For one person this amounts to $20,000, for a family of four to almost $30,000. Consular Officers are allowed to mandate higher amounts.

Sponsorship (Form I-134)

If you have limited savings/assets you can ask a relative or a friend in the U.S. to sponsor you. He/she must complete the Affidavit of Support Form I-134 and mail this form to you together with the mandatory proof of income and/or assets.

Many Consular Officers require this sponsorship for all applicants who do not have a U.S. job offer. Some Officers require it even from applicants with a job offer.

More information about the Form I-134 Support Affidavit and requirements for sponsorship are given in our WINNERS Guide.

*In case of Status Adjustment in the U.S. the Visa interview will take place at a USCIS Office and be held by a USCIS Officer.