Do You Qualify ?

Required Qualifications

The U.S. Government wants to make sure immigrants do not need public assistance immediately after arriving. For that reason there are for DV Entrants requirements regarding Education and/or Work Training/Experience.

You must have a level of education comparable to US high school.
If your education does not meet this requirement, work training and/or work experience can be a substitute.
In that case you must have worked during the last five years for at least two years in a qualifying occupation at a level acceptable for DV purposes.

Nota Bene. You need to meet the education requirement OR the work training/experience requirement. Not both.

The Primary Entrant must have the mandated level of education or work training/experience. The requirement does not apply to Derivative Entrants.

You, your spouse and/or a child/children immigrating with you cannot have issues that prevent from being allowed to immigrate.