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Passport Requirement

DV Entrants must have an International Travel Passport. The passport must be valid and unexpired.

The Entry Form now asks for the entrants Passport Number, the name of the country or authority that issued the passport, the passport’s expiration date.

The requirement applies to the principal entrant only, not to his/her dependents.

The requirement can be waived in case an entrant is stateless, or a national of a communist-controlled country and unable to obtain a passport.

New Passport

If you are selected in DV-2022 and your passport number changed because the passport expired or got lost, you will have to provide evidence of why you have a passport with a different number (than the one you entered with).

Make a photocopy of your current passport’s Biographic Identification page, and of any page in your passport with (a) visa(s). Store this information in a secure location.