Preparing Your Entry

Mistakes Most Made

Mistakes on your Entry Form will disqualify you either right-away or later on.

  • Many entrants who are married and/or have a child/children submit only Part One of the Entry Form. They do not realize Part Two is mandatory – it MUST also be completed and submitted.
  • If husband and wife both participate in the Lottery EACH must complete Part One and Part Two of the Entry Form. Each spouse must list the other spouse as Derivative Entrant.

Other mistakes often made:

  • Entering the wrong Year of Birth by entering the current year.
  • Entering the wrong Place of Birth by entering current place of residence.
  • Entering the wrong Country of Birth by entering current country of residence.
  • Entering the wrong number of children.
  • Entering information about one child and by mistake entering the same information – or a part of it – for the next child.
  • Uploading the wrong photo.
  • Uploading a photo previously used

More mistakes commonly made:

  • Clicking on the wrong choice for ‘highest level of education’.
  • Clicking on High School, no diploma, instead of High School (with diploma).

Mistakes are also made by being not careful when using the pull-down options. Check carefully what appears in the answer box before clicking it as the proper choice.