Submitting Your Entry

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You must provide the following information:

Your Name

Enter your last name, first name, middle name(s).
Check the proper answer box in case of No Last Name or No First Name or No Middle Name.
You must provide at least one name. If you have only one name, you must enter it in the field for Last/Family Name.

Your Gender, male or female

The correct choice must be clicked.

Your Date of Birth

The day, month and year must be entered by typing these in the answer boxes (in numbers).

The City where you were born

If you do not know the name of the city click the the box for Birth City Unknown.
Do NOT enter the name of the ditrict/county/province/state, etc.

The Country where you were born

Give the name currently in use.
Choose the name from the pull-down menu.

The Country of Eligibility for the DV Program

The option YES for claiming eligibility based on the country where you were born is already selected by the eDV system.

Click NO if you claim ‘Alternate Chargeability’.
You must then choose your country of eligibility from the pull-down menu.
Alternate Chargeability applies to people born in an ineligible country claiming the nativity of their spouse or parent(s).
People born in a dependency or overseas territory, must also select the appropriate country of eligibility.

Your Passport Number, the name of the country/authority that issued the passport, the passport’s expiration date

You must enter valid international travel passport information unless you are stateless, or a national of a communist-controlled country unable to obtain a passport.

The next question asks for Your Picture

Click the Choose File Button. A browser window will open to Locate and Select the proper picture file. Click Choose or OK. The name of the file will appear next to the Choose File Button.
The picture will upload once you click Continue at the bottom of the Entry Form.

Your Mailing Address

For most people the mailing address is the address of the home where they live.
It is allowed to use another address to have mail sent to, and to enter that address here.

  • In Care Of: this line is optional. You can leave it blank/empty. Or you can give your own name, or the name of a relative receiving your mail, or the name of your lawyer if you have one.
  • Address Line 1: the street address.
  • Address Line 2: this line is optional. You can leave it blank/empty. Use it when you need more space for the street address.
  • City/Town: the place where the address is located.
  • District/County/Province/State: additional address information. You must give district OR county OR province OR state.
  • Postal Code/Zip Code: the code the postoffice attached to the address. In case of no code attached check the box for No Postal Code/Zip Code.
  • Country: choose the name from the pull-down menu.
Country where you live today

This is your current country of residence or home country.
Choose the name from the pull-down menu.

Phone number

Answering this question is optional. You can leave this field blank/empty.

E-mail address

Preferably give an e-mail address to which you have direct access.
You must enter your e-mail address and then re-enter to confirm.
You must re-type the address, you cannot copy the previous line.
Your email address can only contain upper (A-Z) and lowercase (a-z) letters, the numbers 0-9, the dash (-), the dot (.) and the underscore (_).

Highest level of education you achieved:

You must make a choice between:

  • Primary School only
  • Some High School, NO degree
  • High School with degree
  • Vocational School
  • Some University courses
  • University Degree
  • Some graduate-level courses
  • Master’s Degree
  • Some doctoral-level courses
  • Doctorate

And click the appropriate choice.
A certificate given at successful completion of High School is the same as a diploma.

Current marital status

You must make a choice between:

  • unmarried
  • married, spouse is NOT a U.S. citizen or Legal Permanent Resident
  • married, spouse IS a U.S. Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident
  • divorced
  • widowed
  • legally separated

And click the appropriate choice.

Number of children

If you have an unmarried child/children younger than 21 years of age on the date that you enter, you must give the number (how many)..
If you are pregnant or in the process of adopting a child you must not count that child.
(If you are selected you will add him/her to your application for a visa.)
If no number is entered a 0 (zero) will appear automatically

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