The DV 2022 Program

Improve Your Chance

Many participants in the Visa Lottery make a mistake when they enter or they make a mistake after being selected.
Knowing how to enter the DV Program successfully and knowing what to do when you are selected will improve your chances for a visa considerably.

Double Your Chance

If you are married or in a relationship you can – each – double your chance by participating both. (You must each meet the requirements for a Primary Entrant.)
A winner gets his/her visa AND his/her spouse gets a visa too. Entrants who are in a relationship must marry after one of them is selected because only legally married couples can immigrate.

Do It Again

If you are a Selected Entrant in DV-2021 you are allowed to participate in the DV-2022. There is no rule preventing this.

Kid’s Corner

If you or your spouse (partner) is selected and indeed gets a visa your unmarried child/children under 21 years will get a visa too. However if an unmarried child under 21 wins in the DV-program that does not mean his/her parent(s) will also get a visa.

Nota Bene. A child is allowed to enter by him/herself even if he or she could possibly get a visa derived from the win of a parent.

What Not To Do

Do not be tempted to improve your chances by entering twice or even more times. The eDV system will detect this either right-away or later on. And disqualify ALL your entries.

Do not try to beat the eDV system e.g. by entering younger siblings as your own children. You will be found out and disqualified.

Do not re-use the photo you already uploaded last year or the year before. You are not allowed to use a photo already submitted for an earlier DV Program. Not following this rule will get you disqualified.