Preparing Your Entry

Form DS-5501

You enter the DV Program by submitting the Entry Form DS-5501 on the eDV website.

The Entry Form is a Web Form. You cannot save an already completed part on your computer. You cannot stop and continue at a later time.
You have 60 minutes to complete and submit your entry.

The State Department advises to use an updated browser. Older browsers (e.g. Explorer 8) can encounter problems with the eDV system.

You can only use U.S. keyboard characters (Latin alphabet letters).
The photo(s) you upload cannot be older than 6 months.

Two Parts

Form DS-5501 has two parts. Part One gathers information about you – the Primary Entrant. Part Two must be completed if you are married and/or have a child/children. It gathers information about family members.
If you have no (natural) children and your spouse is a U.S. Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident you do not have to complete Part Two.

If you started completing your Entry Form but are in doubt about a question or about an answer cancel your entry and click the Confirm Cancellation button on the screen. Your information will be deleted and you can start over once you found the correct information.
Before you start over, quit your browser application and open it again.

If you miss an answer and press the Continue button the system will detect the missing answer and give an error message with the request to correct.
In that case it is possible that the pictures you already selected will not show as selected anymore and must be selected again.

Once your Entry Form is submitted and accepted by the eDV system you cannot add information to it or make any changes.