You Got the Visa !

Visa Packet

Be careful when opening the mailing envelope not to damage the sealed Visa Packet envelope inside. If your passport is by mistake not included contact the Embassy or Consulate. Do NOT open the sealed Visa Packet to look for it ! Opening your Visa Packet envelope renders the contents invalid and that means your visa becomes invalid.

Check the Immigrant Visa in your passport for spelling errors. In case of an error contact the Embassy or Consulate.
The same applies to passport, Visa Packet, of each immigrating family member.


Stapled to the front of the Visa Packet is the Immigrant Data Summary Sheet. This sheet contains the Case Number as well as the A-Number of the immigrant.

The A-Number is a unique number issued to each permanent immigrant. It starts with the letter A – for Alien – and has 8 or 9 digits. The same number will be on the Green Card. Your A-Number stays with you for the rest of your life.