Your Visa Interview

AOS Interview

You will receive instructions for the AOS Visa Interview from USCIS.

You must bring your passport to the interview.
If your current passport is not the one you used the last time you entered the U.S. you must bring that previous passport too.

You must submit the originals of the documents you included copies of in your I-485 Application ‘package(s)’.

The purpose of the interview is to verify submitted documentation and to ascertain you are eligible for a Diversity Visa. Sometimes the interview is short, sometimes it is rather elaborate.
You can be asked about your job, your education, where you live, how long you have been in the U.S. and on what type of visa(s), your financial situation, if applicable you will be asked about your family, etc.

Make sure you look your best. Neatly groomed and dressed for the occasion. Stay on the conservative side when choosing your outfit.

Keep your answers short and to the point. Do not give extra or extra detailed information unless requested. Do not get into an argument with the USCIS Officer.

If your situation changed since you mailed the I-485 Application bring documentation to confirm the change(s). E.g. if a child was born bring the Birth Certificate with a copy.
If you noticed an error in your answers on a submitted form bring proof of the correct information: the document and a copy.

If applicable your spouse must also attend the Visa Interview.
A child immigrating with you can be asked to accompany you to the interview.
Bring for each child immigrating with you his or her passport and documentation.

Bring your own file also to the interview. This in case a (copy of a) document got lost and you need to prove you did include it in your application.

The USCIS Officer can decide additional review is needed. This means you will have to wait a bit longer for the adjudication – approval or denial – of your application.

If the USCIS Officer decides not to approve your visa you will be given a refusal letter.
You can appeal this decision. In that case consult an immigration attorney.