Your Medical Examination

Exam in U.S.

When setting the appointment with the Civil Surgeon ask what to bring. Many doctors require that you provide a copy of your Medical Record(s). Some doctors ask for a copy of the Notification for the AOS Interview.

Form I-693

The doctor completes Form I-693 Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record, Parts 1 and 2. You must beforehand print these forms to bring with you. You must complete Part II of Form I-693 but not sign it as that must be done at the end of the exam.

The doctor will hand you the results of the exam in a sealed envelope. The doctor must have signed or initialed across the seal. Do not accept an open envelope. Do not break the seal because that renders the contents of the envelope invalid.
You must include this envelope with the I-485 Application ‘package’.

For immigrating family members requirements regarding the medical exam are the same. You can complete and later sign Part II of Form I-693 for a child younger than 14.

Each applicant must pay cash for the examination, the blood and urine tests, the X-ray, and for vaccinations administered, at the office of the examining doctor or at the clinic where the exam is performed. If the X-ray is made at an outside facility you must pay there too and usually in cash. The same applies if the blood test is done outside the doctor’s office.

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  • to find a certified doctor. Search Civil Surgeon.
  • to print Form I-693 Part I and II.
    Make sure to print the latest edition of the form (see top right corner of page 1).