Your Visa Interview

Form DS-5535

After the Visa Interview you and if applicable family members immigrating with you, can be asked to complete Form DS-5535.
On this form you must give additional and more detailed information than you already provided on the Visa Application.

For the last 15 years:

  • Travel history (dates, locations visited, length of stay) and how you paid for a trip.
  • All your addresses.
  • Employment you held.
  • Passports you have/had (number, country of issuance).

For the last five years:

  • Phone numbers (incl. home, secondary, work, mobile)
  • Email addresses (incl. personal, work, educational, etc.)
  • User name(s) for any website and/or application used to create or share content (e.g. photos, videos, status updates) as part of a public profile.

Also if applicable the name(s) and birth date(s) of your

  • children (minor, adult, living or deceased),
  • brothers/sisters (half, full, step, adopted, living as well as deceased),
  • spouses, civil/domestic partners (current, previous, living or deceased).

The information you provide will be used to run more background checks.
Completing the form is voluntary. But refusing to fill it out could delay the processing of your case or worse, deny it outright.