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Request for Electronic Documents

KCC now requires electronic copies of certain documents before it schedules the Visa Interview appointment. The KCC will send you an email with instructions.

If you do not submit these your interview will NOT be scheduled.
Not submitting them timely will delay the scheduling your appointment.

The original documents and/or certified copies of documents must be presented during the Visa Interview. They must be identical to those electronically submitted. Any difference can cause a delay in the visa processing or a refusal.

The documents are:

  • the page in your Passport with your Biographic Information (called Biodata Page)
  • your Birth Certificate
  • your Police Certificate

If applicable also: Military Records, Court/Prison Records.
In case family members immigrate with you, their documentation must be submitted as well.

Documents must be submitted in .jpeg or .pfd format. The maximum size of the email is 30MB. If the total size is is larger, send multiple emails. Write your Case Number in the subject line for each email.

Documents can be scanned or photographed with a mobile phone. Every document must be complete and fully legible.

If a document is not in English or in the official language of the country where you apply for the visa, a translation must be added. The translation must be certified by the translator.

Collect the documentation for yourself and if applicable, family members.
Requested documents must ALL be sent at once to kccdvdocuments@state.gov

In case of questions you must use the kccdv@state.gov address.

If the Visa Bulletin indicates your Case Number will become current in the coming month and you did not receive the request, mail your digital documentation to kccdvdocuments@state.gov

Give in the subject line your Case Number. Include with the documents your Case Number, FULL Name, Date of Birth.
For family members immigrating with you include the same.

Contact the KCC about two weeks later and ask if your documents meet the requirements.