Appointments Interview & Med Exam

General Information

All Visa Applicants must undergo a Medical Examination and appear for a Visa Interview.
Most applicants finalize through Consular Processing and have the examination and the interview in their home country.
Date and location for the Visa Interview appointment is given in the Second Notification Letter or KCC 2NL. This notification also lists the documentation you must bring to the interview and includes information about your Medical Exam.
You will receive an email alert when the 2NL becomes available for you.

For applicants who use Status Adjustment the Medical Exam and the Visa Interview take place in the U.S. These applicants also get a Biometrics appointment.
Dates and locations are given in I-797 Notifications sent by mail

Nota Bene: Make sure to arrive on time for all your appointments.

Security Measures

U.S. Embassies, U.S. Consulates, and USCIS Offices, have strict security measures. Doctor’s offices, clinics, and medical facilities, usually have similar rules.


All Visa Applicants are fingerprinted. Usually this is done during the Visa Interview. A special fee can then be charged and must be paid in cash.

For applicants in the U.S. fingerprinting is part of the Biometrics appointment.

Based on the prints the FBI runs background and security checks.
Your fingerprints stay on file with the FBI.

Immigration Intent

Nota Bene. The Visa Interview discloses your desire to immigrate into the U.S.
Denial of the Diversity Visa can have consequences for Visa Applications for business/tourism or for study needed at a later moment.
If you are eligible to travel on the Visa Waiver Program/ESTA, this will be no longer possible once your DV is denied.
A denial must be disclosed every time you apply for a visa in the future.