AOS Procedure Part 2

Preparing the AOS Application

Read the instructions that come with each form before you start. Never give incomplete or incorrect information. Check every answer before submitting. Sign each form where required. Some forms require a signature more than once.

You can download and print the forms but you cannot e-file them.
Forms can be completed in the computer, by typewriter or by hand. It is mandatory to use BLACK ink.
If forms were mailed to you make copies first. If you make a mistake take a fresh form and start over.

Some questions ask you to write information in answer fields. Other questions must be answered by checking the appropriate box. Do not leave an answer space blank unless indicated this is allowed. Write ’N/A’ for Non-Applicable or ‘None’ when that is the answer. Do NOT highlight any part of your answer.

A date is in the U.S. written in the order month-day-year (MM-DD-YYYY).
For Country of Birth give the name currently in use.

An applicant without a S.S. Number can write N/A for Non-Applicable. Do not leave the answer field empty.

Also write N/A when asked to provide your Alien Number or A #.

The question Have you ever filed for Permanent Resident Status, means previous applications. Not your current I-485 Application.

Cover Letter

Write a Cover Letter stating the submission is for an I-485 Application. List the contents of the AOS ‘package’. Include your name, address, and phone number. You must sign and date the letter.
If immigrating with family members prepare for each a separate AOS ‘package’ with a Cover Letter. For a child younger than 14 you can sign/date. Write under your signature ‘Parent of (insert name child)’. A child over 14 must sign/date him/herself.

Do not add extra information regarding the application in the Cover Letter. Give these facts in a separate letter that you date/sign and add to the ‘package’.

Secure each AOS ‘package’ with a big paper clip or with a paper binder clip. Do NOT use heavy duty staples.
Mail all applications together in one big enough envelope. Put the Principal Applicants ‘package’ on top. Do not fold the file(s).