AOS Procedure Part 2

Evidence Request

Often the reason for a Request for Evidence (RFE) is an incomplete answer, a missing signature, incorrect payment, or a document not included. The Request Notice will indicate the omission(s) and give instructions how to remedy it.
This is called a Request for Initial Evidence.

An Evidence Request can also mean USCIS requires additional information to process the I-485 Application. This is called a Request for Additional Evidence.

The RFE gives a date by which your response must be received by USCIS. If this deadline is missed your application will be considered abandoned or will be denied.

All required evidence must be submitted to USCIS together. Write a Cover Letter listing the contents of the submission. The original I-797 RFE Notice must be included.
Make copies of everything you submit for your own file.

Often a return envelope with barcode is included. In that case use this envelope. If no envelope is provided mail the evidence to the proper return address as given in the Notice. This is usually the Service Center that sent the RFE.

If not sure how to answer the RFE Notice consult an immigration attorney.