AOS Procedure Part 2

Travel Document Advance Parole

Non-Immigrant Visa holders cannot travel outside of the U.S. without permission from USCIS once they submit their I-485 Application. This permission is called the Advance Parole (AP) Travel Document (I-512).
AP is not meant to travel abroad for a vacation or to attend a planned family event.

Form I-131

To request the Advance Parole, Form I-131 must be submitted.
This form is free of charge if added in the I-485 ‘package’.
It can take several weeks for the AP to be issued.
Submit Form I-131 with the I-485 Application for ‘just in case’.

Completing Form I-131

In Part 2 for Application Type check answer box 1.d.
In Part 3 answer for Intended Date of Departure: Unknown; for Length of Trip: N/A.
For question 3.a. check answer box for No.
In Part 4 answer for 1.a. Purpose of Trip: Need to travel in case of possible health emergencies among close family members.
For question 1.b. Countries You Intend to Visit: Give name of the the country where your relatives live.
In part 7 for Intended Use of Document check answer box for More than one trip.
Do not forget to sign the document.

You must include with the form: a copy of an official document proving your identity of applicant, copy of USCIS document proving your current non-immigrant status, two identical color passport type photos made according to DOS/USCIS requirements.

A, B, E, F, G, J, M, O, P, Q, R Visa

If you have a Non-Immigrant Visa in any of these categories, you need this permission to travel abroad and re-enter the U.S.
Nota Bene. If you leave the U.S. during your Status Adjustment procedure without being issued an Advance Parole, USCIS will consider your AOS application abandoned.
If this happens consult an immigration attorney.

H, K, L, V Visa

If you hold a Non-Immigrant Visa in any of these categories, you do not need this permission but you are allowed to use it. However re-entering the U.S. on an Advance Parole can have consequences for your Non-Immigrant status later on.
Consult the immigration attorney that handled your N-I Visa application.