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CEAC and Visa Status Check

You can track the progress of your Visa Application on the CEAC website.


Choose the option Check My Visa Application Status.

The type of visa you are applying for is an Immigrant Visa (IV).
Click this option.

Enter your Case Number.
If you get a message ‘the case number does not match’ enter again, but this time
without the zeros in front of your ranking digits.
E.g. 2021AS00012345 would be entered as 2021AS12345.

The first status given is ‘At NVC’.
This is a standard text (DV cases are not handled by the National Visa Centre).
It means that your Form DS-260 Visa Application has not been processed yet, or that the form was processed and your case is waiting to be scheduled.

The second status is ‘In Transit’.
This indicates that the KCC has scheduled your Visa Interview and your case is being transferred.

Next status is ‘Ready’.
This means the case file has arrived at the Embassy or Consulate where you will have the interview.

For each DV Lottery CEAC data usually becomes available after January 1st.
DV-2021 Selectees will probably be able to check their application status in January 2021.