Your To-Do List

If your Entry was Selected in the Visa Lottery you must:
  • re-check your Eligibility*
  • re-check if you Qualify with Education OR Work Experience
  • submit your Visa Application Form DS-260*
  • make sure you can receive Notifications from the KCC
  • collect the required documentation*
  • send documents electronically to the KCC
  • have color passport type photos made according to DOS specifications
  • if needed find a sponsor in the U.S.
  • if needed unlock DS-260 to correct and/or add information
  • check the Visa Bulletin regularly
  • have the Medical Examination when instructed*
  • pay the Visa Application fee when instructed*
  • have a successful Visa Interview*
  • receive the Immigrant Visa packet*
  • pay the Immigrant Fee to USCIS*
  • travel to the U.S. to activate the visa*
  • receive your Green Card*

*Also applies to family members possibly immigrating with you.

List is for Consular Processing Visa Applicants only.