Welcome to the DV-2020 Winners Guide.

Congratulations on being selected in the DV-2020 Green Card Lottery !

Now the real work begins: turning your win into a Green Card.

This means you must

  • submit your Visa Application timely and correctly.
  • successfully complete your Visa Procedure including the Medical Examination and the Visa Interview.

If family members immigrate with you, the same applies to them.

U.S. immigration rules are strict, especially for Visa Lottery winners. You cannot afford to make a mistake or cause a significant delay. That can cost you the Green Card.
Most important: do not underestimate the process.

This Guide is written in the perspective of the person who applies for the Diversity Visa. Where important additional information and instructions are given for family members (husband or wife, child/children).

Please make use of this Guide as intended. Read the complete text a few times. Make sure to understand all requirements for a Diversity Visa. Complete the worksheets and use the checklists.

We wish you a successful immigration !

We are not immigration lawyers nor do we claim to be.
The information given in the text is true to our knowledge but can be or become incomplete and/or incorrect.

If you have questions – about the text or the program – please email us at
support@immigration-apps.com. We also welcome suggestions !

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This is the 2021 Diversity Visa Winners Edition of our Quick and Easy Guides to U.S. Immigration.