Your Visa Interview

Consular Interview

Each U.S. Embassy and Consulate has different rules for the Visa Interview. Check the web pages of the Embassy or Consulate handling your application for country specific instructions.

Make sure you and if applicable your family look your best. Neatly groomed and dressed for the occasion. Stay on the conservative side when choosing your outfit(s).

Before the start of the interview you must hand the Consular Officer your ‘package’ with documentation.

The purpose of the Consular Visa Interview is to review your documentation and to ascertain you are eligible for a Diversity Visa.
The Officer will ask you and if applicable your family members a number of questions based on your situation.
Sometimes the interview is short, sometimes it is rather elaborate.

You can be asked why you participated in the Lottery, whether you have friends or family in the U.S., how often you have been in the U.S. and how long, where you intend to live, what kind of work you intend to you, what kind of education you have, how you are going to support yourself and if applicable your family immediately after arriving, etc.
A question sometimes asked is on which date you submitted your Lottery Entry !

Most Consular Officers will ask whether you have a contact person in the U.S. If you have a contact provide his/her full name, address and telephone number.

Keep your answers short and to the point. Do not give extra or extra detailed information unless requested. Do not get into an argument with the Consular Officer.
If you do not understand a question ask the Officer to repeat it.

The Consular Officer will during the interview request that you and if applicable your family member(s) take an oath affirming that the information you provide is correct, true, and complete.

If your situation changed since you applied bring documentation to confirm the change(s). Include with the document a copy of it.
If you or a family member changed information or added new information to Form DS-260 bring proof of the correct information. Bring the documentation and a copy.

A child/children immigrating with you can be required to also attend the interview. Some Embassies/Consulates require this only when a child is 14 or older.
Bring for each child immigrating with you his or her passport and documentation.

The Consular Officer can decide additional review of your case is needed. This means you will have to wait a bit longer for the adjudication – approval or denial – of your application.

If the Consular Officer decides not to approve your visa you will be given a refusal letter.
You cannot appeal this decision once it is made.