Unlocking Form DS-260

Your DS-260 Visa Application can be ‘opened up’ or ‘unlocked’ by the KCC if needed.
Once it is unlocked you can make changes and/or add new information.
You must then re-submit the form. When the revised form is accepted you will get a new Barcoded Confirmation Page. You must bring the original and the additional page to the Visa Interview.

1. In Case of a Mistake

If you you answered a question incorrect or incomplete, you must remedy this. Especially if you made the mistake in (a) question(s) regarding background and security.

2. Change of Circumstances

If your situation changed, e.g. you got married or had a child, you MUST revise your form. You must add the information about your spouse or your child.
When your revised DS-260 is accepted your spouse can also submit a Visa Application. He or she also needs the Barcoded Confirmation Page for his/her interview.
For a child you can submit and sign the application.

Nota Bene. If your spouse cannot submit his or her own DS-260 after your revised form was accepted, contact the KCC. Your spouse will not be admitted to the US Embassy or Consulate without his/her confirmation page !
Also contact the KCC if you are unable to submit a DS-260 on behalf of your child.

How to Unlock DS-260

You must send a request by e-mail to the KCC at:

  • Write in the subject line of the e-mail your Case Number.
    Give in the message your Case Number, your FULL name as it appears on the Notice of Selection and your Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY).
    Include your request:
    “Dear Sir, Madam,
    Please unlock my Form DS-260, as I would like to make some revisions.
  • If the request is for unlocking the DS-260 of a Derivative (spouse, child), then the details of the Principal Selectee (full name, case number, birth date) must be included AND the information regarding the spouse or the child. Make sure it is clear which form you want unlocked.

Once your DS-260 is unlocked you will get an email from the KCC.
Unlocking can take from a few hours to several days.
If you did not receive a reply after two weeks, resend your request.

After requesting unlocking, you MUST re-submit your Form(s) DS-260. Otherwise the form(s) will ‘stay open’ which means processing will not continue or be delayed.

Nota Bene. Once the date for your Visa Interview is scheduled, KCC can not unlock your DS-260 anymore. You must then contact the US Embassy or Consulate where you will have your interview for instructions in case your situation changes.

Unlocking can delay your case. Try to prevent it by making sure all answers given on Form DS-260 are complete and correct the first time you submit. If you need to unlock because of changed circumstances, sooner is better than later.