U.S. Agencies Involved

Kentucky Consular Center

The KCC contacts Selectees with emails called Notification Letters.
These notices are sent to alert that information is available for them in the eDV system.

The Notice of Selection counts as the First Notification Letter or KCC 1st NL.
The Second Notification Letter is the Appointment Notice. It contains information about the Visa Interview. KCC 2nd NL usually arrives 4-8 weeks before the date of the interview.
Nota Bene. Make sure a Notification Letter is not seen as spam or junk by the mail program that you use.

You can contact the KCC by e-mail at KCCDV@state.gov

When you email the KCC give in the subject line your Case Number. Give in the message your Case Number, your FULL Name as it appears on the Notice of Selection and your Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY).

The KCC telephone number is 606-526-7500 from 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. EST.
If you call from outside the U.S. you must first dial 001 – the code for the U.S. – and then the phone number.

If you contact the KCC by mail write your Case Number and your name as it appears on the Notice of Selection in the upper right-hand corner of the first page of the letter. To mail a letter contact the KCC for the correct address.
Never include original documents who you write the KCC.

Contact the KCC if your circumstances change after you submit your Visa Application (divorce, marriage, birth of a child). Your application will be ‘unlocked’ so you can add and/or change information.

If you move you must inform the KCC promptly of your new address.

If after receiving the Second Notification Letter you decide not to go forward with your Visa Application, please inform the KCC.