The DV 2020 Program

Terminology Used

When you participate and submit an Entry you are called an Entrant.
Each Entrant is given a unique Entrant Confirmation Number.

Checking whether you are selected is called Entrant Status Check.
Being selected makes you a Selected Entrant or Selectee or Winner.
Each Selected Entrant is issued at random a 14-digit Case Number.

If you are a Selected Entrant and submit your Visa Application you are the Primary or Principal or Main Applicant. Your visa is the Primary or Principal or Main Visa.

If you immigrate with a spouse and/or a child/children your family members are called Derivative or Dependent Immigrants because they obtain their immigration rights through you. Family members receive Derivative or Dependent Visas.

Consular Processing is the procedure to finalize the Visa Application in your home country or country of residence. The last phase is the Consular Visa Interview at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate.
Adjustment of Status means finalizing a Visa Application in the U.S. The last phase is the AOS Visa Interview at a USCIS Office.

The visa that is issued is called Diversity Immigrant Visa. After arrival in the U.S. it becomes a Permanent Visa.
A Permanent Visa for the U.S. is commonly called a Green Card. Someone who has a Green Card is called a Resident or Permanent Resident or Legal Permanent Resident.
All Green Cards give the same rights.

‘Accepted for Processing’ means a Visa Application is accepted and going forward.
The administrative handling is called the Visa Procedure.
The decision whether a visa is Approved or Denied is called Adjudication.

‘Available Visa Numbers’ stands for the amount of Visa Applications that will be processed. Once all available Visa Numbers are used no more visas can be issued.