The DV 2020 Program

Scam Warning

Many companies and individuals are continuously looking for personal information on the Internet. Their ‘bots’ will possibly be able to find that you entered in the Diversity Visa Program. You can receive emails that announce ‘You are a Winner !’ and offer you services for a fee.

The U.S. Government does NOT send out emails to DV-program participants with the message that they won.
You must distrust emails that give you a ‘Confirmation Number’ or a ‘Case Number’ or a ‘File Number’ and ask you for personal information or for money. Or for both.

Often the address of the website sending you the email is a give-away. It will have an ending like ‘.com’, ‘.net’, ‘.us’.
The addresses of official U.S. Government websites always end in ‘.gov’.

The ONLY way to participate in the DV-program is by entering on the official DV Lottery (eDV) website. Entering is FREE.
The ONLY way to find out whether you are selected is to go the eDV website and link to the Entrant Status Check (ESC) page.

The U.S.Department of State (DOS) will NEVER send you an email with the message that you are a Selected Entrant or Selectee.

Only YOU can do the Entrant Status Check. No one else. Unless you allow this and provide the needed information.

A Selected Entrant is NEVER required to send fee payment or personal documentation to the U.S. Any ‘agency’ asking you to do this is a fraud !
You can be asked to send documents and/or copies to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your home country once you have an appointment for your Visa Interview.

The U.S. Government does NOT give DV Winners tickets to travel to the U.S. It also do not provide housing or employment. Any letter or email offering you these ‘freebies’ is a fraud too !