The DV 2020 Program

Case Number

Each Notice of Selection contains a unique Case Number. The lower the Case Number the better. Higher ranking Case Numbers can in some Regions mean that the chance to get a visa is smaller.

A Case Number has 14 digits that contain the following information:

  • The first four digits indicate the Fiscal Year in which the visas are officially issued. 2020 for the DV-2020 Program.
  • The next two digits indicate the Region of the eligible country where the Selected Entrant was born.
    Geographic areas are divided in six Regions: Africa – AF, Asia – AS, Europe – EU, North America – NA, Oceania – OC, South America/the Caribbean – SA.
  • The last eight digits are the most important as they indicate your ranking.
    For each of the six Regions a series of numbers is issued starting with 00000001.
    These numbers are randomly assigned to the Selectees.
    Your ranking gives you your place ‘in line’ for the Visa Interview appointments.

The Department of State determines every month how many Visa Numbers can be given out or ‘allocated’. Monthly Allocation Cut-Off Numbers are set for each Region and for some separate countries.
Visa Applications from Selected Entrants with Case Numbers BELOW the Allocated Cut-Off Number will be processed. These Selectees will receive a Notification for their Visa Interview – called 2nd Notice Letter – from the Kentucky Consular Center shortly after.

Cut-Off Number

The Allocated Cut-Off Numbers are announced in the Visa Bulletin that is published on-line every month. You should check this bulletin regularly.
If your Case Number is the same as or higher than the Cut-Off Number you must wait and check the next Visa Bulletin. The Cut-Off Numbers will be revised upwards until all available Visa Numbers are used.

For Selected Entrants already living in the U.S.:
Visa Applicants can mail the I-485 Application to USCIS when their Case Number is below the Cut-Off Number for the Upcoming Month.