Required Visa Payments

Fees for DV AOS – Surcharge

Payment of the DV Surcharge must be completed – also for family members immigrating with you – before you are allowed to continue with your I-485 Application.

The DV Surcharge amount is currently $ 330.

You must pay with a U.S. Cashier’s Check or Bank Check or with a Postal Money Order. Personal checks are NOT accepted. Check or Money Order must be made out to: “the U.S. Department of State Diversity Visa Program”.

Make sure the Case Number and your complete name is printed on the Bank or Cashier’s Check. When completing the information on a Money Order make sure to give name and address information correctly and to include the Case Number.

Include a letter containing the following information for yourself and if applicable for family members:

  • Case Number as given in Notice of Selection
  • Surname (Family Name, Last Name)
  • Given Name (First Name)
  • Your Street Address
  • Your City, with State and Zip Code
  • Write below this information “Payment is for (give number) persons Adjusting Status in the U.S.” and:
  • “Total amount enclosed is $ (give total amount)”.

Copy the Bank/Cashier’s Check or completed Money Order and the letter with your information for your file.

Prepare a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) and include it with your payment.
A normal sized envelope with a 1st class Forever Stamp and your address on it.

Mail the Check or M.O. with the information letter AND the self-addressed stamped envelope to:

U.S. Department of State
Diversity Visa Program
P.O. Box 979079
St. Louis, Missouri 63197-9000

You will receive a receipt for your payment mailed to you in the SASE. You must bring the receipt with you to the AOS Visa Interview. Provide a copy of the receipt with the I-485 Application you submit with USCIS.

Fees for DV AOS – USCIS Fee

Payment for the USCIS Adjustment of Status Fee must be included in the I-485 Application ‘package’.

For a child younger than 14 the AOS Fee is $750 if filed together with your application. For children under 14 Biometrics is not required.

For a child over 14 and for an adult the AOS Fee is $1,140.
A fee for Biometric Services of $85 must be added, making the total fee $1,225.

The AOS Fee can be paid with a Personal Check or a Bank or Cashier’s Check or with a Postal Money Order. The money must be drawn from a U.S. bank located inside the U.S. Make the Check or Money Order payable to ‘U.S. Department of Homeland Security’. Do not abbreviate this name. E.g. do NOT write U.S. D.H.S.

Write on the Personal Check or Money Order the name of the person for whom the application is being filed and the Case Number as given in the Notice of Selection. Make sure that a Bank or Cashier’s Check has all information printed on it.
It is important to pay the correct amount and to pay it the correct way. Failure to do so can cause delays.

Attach Check or M.O. to the left upper corner of your I-485 Form with a small paper clip or a staple. If applicable attach Check or M.O. to the I-485 Form(s) for your spouse and/or each immigrating child.

There is no additional fee for Form G-1145 E-Notification.

Also no fee is required for Form I-864 Support Affidavit.

For more information go to and search I-485 Fee Payment.

When making copies of the I-485 Application for your own file also copy the Check(s) or Money Order(s).

Fees for DV AOS – Other Forms

No fees are required for Forms G-1145, I-134, I-864, I-508.
Filing Form I-131 is free of charge if included in the I-485 ‘package’. If submitted later on a copy of NOA-1 must be included.