Qualifications Check

Required Qualifications

The U.S. Government wants to make sure that immigrants do not need public assistance immediately after arriving. Therefore there are requirements for Education and/or Work Training/Experience, and regarding Self Sufficiency.

Participants must have a certain level of education. If you do not meet the requirement, work training and/or work experience can be a substitute.

You must meet EITHER the Educational OR the Work Experience Requirement.

The Primary Selected Entrant (the Winner) must have the mandated level of education or work training/experience. The requirement does not apply to Derivative Entrants.

You cannot qualify if your spouse or your child meets the requirement but you do not.

Self Sufficiency

Your financial strength and your chances to find employment are important. You must be able to tide yourself over in the period after your arrival when you are not earning money yet.
The best option is to already have an offer for a job in the U.S.

Sponsorship by a U.S. friend or relative can help if you do not have a job offer and lack considerable savings or assets. Your sponsor must be willing to complete an Affidavit of Support (Form I-134).

Issues Preventing Immigration

You, your spouse and/or a child/children immigrating with you cannot have issues that prevent being allowed to immigrate. A person becomes ineligible for U.S. immigration if he/she has certain health problems or has a criminal record or committed immigration offenses.
Some J-1 visa holders can be ineligible based on the terms of their visa.
Some issues can be remedied. If you think this applies consult an immigration attorney.