Prepare for Interview & Med Exam


All documents you submit at the Visa Interview must be in English or in the language of the country or region where you reside.
If a document is in another language it must be accompanied by a translation of it and a certificate of translation.

The translation can be done by anyone fluent in the original language of the document AND fluent in English – but NOT by you or by a family member immigrating with you.

For the I-485 Application all included documentation must be in English. If a document is in another language you must include a translation with certification.

Nota Bene. Also include a translation of any document (also) in English if it contains a date not written in the format used in the U.S. which is MM-DD-YYY.

Certificate of Translation

The translator must include with each translation a certification.
He/she must write on a separate sheet the following text:
“I certify that the translation is complete and accurate, and that I am competent to translate from the (insert name of language) language into the English language”.

The translator must print his/her name and complete address information and sign/date this certificate.
The Certificate of Translation must be attached with a paper clip to the (copy of) the document and the translation of it.

Nota Bene. The translation and the certification you add to a submitted document must be original. If you need to submit a copy of the same foreign document more than once you must each time add an original translation as well as an original translation certificate.