Prepare for Interview & Med Exam

General Information

Prepare for your Visa Interview and the Medical Examination by making sure you have all documentation needed. Familiarize yourself with the documents you are submitting.


Each applicant must have a passport. This applies also to children, toddlers and babies. The passport must be valid for six months beyond the date you intend to enter into the U.S. as a permanent immigrant.

Other Identification

If your home country has a system of Internal Passports or Identification Cards you must also bring this document.

If you have the interview not in your country of citizenship, you must bring your resident card or temporary permission to stay.

Proof of Legal Visit(s)

You must submit if applicable copies of the pages of your current and/or previously expired passport that have U.S. Non-Immigrant visas or I-94 stamps.
The same is required for family members immigrating with you.


Each applicant must bring four recent identical color passport type photos. Some Embassies/Consulates ask for two or three.
Write name, Case Number, on the back of each photo with a permanent marker.

Certified Translation

Each document you submit must be in the language of the country where your application is finalized or in English. A document in another language must be accompanied by a Certified Translation.


With each submitted document you must include a copy. If you submit a copy of a document you must include a copy of that copy.
Copies should be made on standard white letter-sized paper. Write your Case Number in the upper right-hand corner of each copy.
Copy all pages of a document. Copy front and back of a document even if you think the back-side is not important.

Original Document

Never send an original document unless this is specifically requested.
If you are required to submit an original document include a copy of it and a completed Form G-884 Request for the Return of Original Documents. There is no filing fee.
The document will then be returned to you later on – probably during the interview.
Go to to print the form. Search Form G-884.