Your Medical Examination

General Information

You must make the appointment for the Medical Examination for yourself and if applicable for family members immigrating with you. You will receive instructions in the KCC Second Notification Letter.

The examination must be done by a doctor or at a clinic certified by the Department of State, The examining doctor is called a Panel Physician.

You must provide (up to) four identical recent color passport type photos. You also need to bring your passport for identification purposes and a copy of the Passport Biographic Identification Page.

If you have an illness you need a letter from your own doctor about the diagnosis, treatment so far, and a prognosis for care needed in the future. This also applies to a psychiatric illness.
You must give a list of medication(s) if you are currently taking any. Also why a medication was prescribed, when you started taking it, and when you are due to stop – if applicable.

The examination consists of an X-ray, a blood test, a urine test or a urethral/vaginal swab, and a physical exam.
Contagious diseases you are checked for: tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrhea, Hansen’s disease.

The State Department exempts in some countries children younger than 14 from the X-ray requirement. For children between 2 and 14 a tuberculin skin or blood test is then done instead. If the test comes up positive an X-ray will be taken.

The doctor will review your vaccination record and administer the vaccinations that you lack or cannot prove but are required for U.S. immigration.

Ask for a copy of the examination results before the exam starts and check these before you leave, especially the Vaccination Record. If you think a mistake is made alert the doctor or his/her assistant or nurse immediately.

You are screened only for conditions relevant for U.S. immigration regulations. The examination is not a medical ‘check-up’.

There is no fixed price for the exam etc. Doctors and medical facilities are free to set the amounts.

When setting the appointment keep in mind that a test can give a false-positive result. If a test comes back positive you are allowed to request for it to be re-done. This usually takes about three weeks.

Nota Bene. The results of the Med Exam done abroad are valid for 6 months only and must still be valid on the day you arrive in the U.S. to activate your visa.

For Selected Entrants already living in the U.S.:
AOS Applicants must set the appointment with a doctor or at a medical clinic certified by USCIS themselves timely based on the Cut-Off Numbers in the Visa Bulletin. The examining doctor is called a Civil Surgeon.

Inside the US most doctors do a tuberculin skin test or blood test to check for TB. If the test shows a positive result chest a X-ray must be done.

Nota Bene.

  • 1. The results of the Medical Examination done in the U.S. are now valid for two years.
  • 2. You must file the AOS Application within 60 days after the date the Civil Surgeon signs your Form I-693.