Your Medical Examination

Exam in Home Country

You must make the appointment by contacting the Physicians Office or the Medical Clinic where the exam is done. At some clinics you do not need an appointment. In that case pre-registration is often required. If you pre-register print the Appointment Confirmation to take with you and make two copies.

You must bring the Second Notification Letter with two copies. Some physicians/clinics ask also for your Police Certificate with two copies.
When setting the appointment check what to bring. Some doctors require a copy of your Medical Record(s).

Nota Bene: If you are pregnant or could be mention this to the doctor and his/her assistant or nurse, and at the facility where the X-ray is made. Special accommodations will be made like lead aprons but the X-ray is usually mandatory. You will be asked to authorize the X-ray in writing.

Form DS-2054

The Physician will complete Form DS-2054 Medical Examination for Immigrant Applicant, with additional worksheets (vaccinations, medical history/physical exam, test results). You must sign Form DS-2054. The completed forms become part of your file.
Form and worksheets are available at the Physician’s office or are included with the Consular Visa Appointment Notice or are mailed separately.

In most countries the physician forwards the results of the exam electronically to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate.
In other countries the doctor will hand you a sealed envelope with the forms in it. The doctor must have signed or initialed across the seal. You must then bring this envelope to the Visa Interview. Do not accept an open envelope. Do not break the seal because that renders the contents of the envelope invalid.

The X-ray is usually put on a disc. If not you will get the X-ray picture. Disc or X-ray is not needed for the Visa Interview. But should be kept as you can be asked for it when you arrive in the U.S. to activate your visa. Put the picture or the disc in your carry-on luggage.

For immigrating family members requirements regarding the medical exam are the same. You can sign Form DS-2054 for a child younger than 14.

If a contagious disease is detected you can be refused entry into the U.S. You must then comply with requirements set by the State Department regarding treatment to possibly become eligible.

Each applicant must pay cash for the examination, the blood test, the X-ray, and for vaccinations administered, at the office of the examining doctor or at the clinic where the exam is performed. If the X-ray is made at an outside facility you must pay there too and usually in cash. The same applies if the blood test is done outside the doctor’s office.

Go to to find a certified doctor. Search Panel Physician.

Names and addresses of local Panel Physicians can also be found on the web pages of the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your home country.