Apply for Your Visa

Your Name(s)

You must enter your name(s) on Form DS-260 exactly as your name(s) appears in your passport. Your name(s) must also exactly match your name(s) as given on your Entry Form.

Form DS-260 asks for your Surname and your Given Names.
A Surname is also called family name or last name or second name.
Given Names are your first name or forename and your middle name(s). These are sometimes called Christian names. In some countries the name of the father (patronymic) is used as middle name.
If you have more than two given names continue to write till the answer field is full.

Write your given names in the same order as they appear in your passport.

  • If you have two or more last names you must write these in the field for Surname.
  • If you go by first name only, write this name in the field for Given Names and write LNU for last name unknown in the field for Surname.
  • If you go by only a last name, write FNU (first name unknown) in the field for Given Names. Write your last name in the field for Surname.

Nota Bene. Make sure to write your surname(s) and given name(s) in the proper answer fields. Doing it the wrong way can ruin your chance for a visa !

If your first and last name are combined to one name in your passport – by mistake or because this is customary in your country of origin – contact the KCC for instructions.

If your name is written in Latin script with an umlaut, diacritics, or accent marks, just write the letters and do not add the markings. Do not add extra letters.

If your original language has a script that differs from the Latin script you will be asked to complete your name and address in this script. If you do not have the option to change the language on your keyboard use a translator program e.g. Google Translate. You are allowed to answer Technologically Not Possible.

The form also asks for Other Surnames Used and Other Given Names Used.

  • For Other Surnames give your maiden name, or previously used married name, or your previous name if you legally changed it. Also give an alias you use when writing for publication.
    If your name is sometimes spelled incorrectly by government agencies and/or official organizations in your home country give the incorrect version(s) too.
  • For Other Given Names enter the name you are usually called if it differs from your official given name.