Apply for Your Visa

Information for DS-260

Form DS-260 is a long form with many questions that must all be answered.
The form is interactive and adjusts the questions based on the answers given.

Read the Instructions that come with Form DS-260 before you start.
Put all needed information first on paper using our Worksheet, check and recheck, then start completing the form.

If you cannot answer a question and are unable to obtain the needed information contact the KCC before submitting the form. Incomplete or incorrect information will disqualify your application.

You must have for each applicant:

  • the Case Number as given in the Notice of Selection
  • His/her Passport
  • Biographic Information
  • All addresses where he or she lived since age 16
  • Biographic Information about his or her parents
  • Information regarding Work History: dates of (self)employment, names/addresses of employers, job titles, etc.
  • Information regarding Education: schools attended at secondary level or above. Secondary schools provide education usually between the ages of 11-18. Give the name of a school as it appears on diploma or certificate.
Also if applicable:

in case of dual citizenship

  • Second Passport

for males only who served in armed forces

  • Information regarding Military Service

if married without or with children

  • Spouse’s Passport
  • Child/children’s Passport(s)
  • Spouse’s Biographic Information
  • Child/children’s Biographic Information

having traveled to the U.S. before

  • dates of last five visits to the U.S.
  • information about previous visas

Nota Bene. Make sure all information is not only correct but also entered correctly.
A correct answer written in the wrong answer field can disqualify you !

  • You must enter ALL your children, not only your eligible children.
  • For Country of Birth give the name currently in use.
  • The form asks for a U.S. address. You are allowed to enter the address of a U.S. relative or friend. The address can be changed later on.
  • To access Arrival/Departure information of visits to the U.S. go to
    Click For International Travelers, Get Your I-94 Admission Number.
    The page that opens has the option View Travel History.