Apply for Your Visa

Delaying Your Application

Once you submit Form DS-260 your Visa Procedure will start.

There can be a reason to delay submitting the form. If you have a partner but are not married yet, or if you met ‘the one’ after entering the Visa Lottery, it is better to first marry and then submit your DS-260.
You can then enter the date of your marriage and the name, other information about your husband or wife. Your spouse can then also submit his/herVisa Application.

In case you meet ‘him or her’ after you submitted your DS-260, contact the KCC for instructions. Your form can be ‘unlocked’ so you can add the new information.
However ‘unlocking’ is no longer possible once your file is sent to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate where you will have the Visa Interview. In that case you must contact the Embassy or Consulate and ask for instructions.

Some people submit their DS-260 later because they need more time in their home country to take care of things. Doing this is permitted.
But the later you submit, the more risk you take. The supply of Visa Numbers can then be exhausted before it is your turn.

Your DS-260 must be processed by the KCC before an appointment for your Visa Interview can be scheduled.
Background checks are done on everyone who submits the form. For some applicants this can be done quickly, for others it takes more time.