Apply for Your Visa

Completing/Submitting DS-260

Make sure you have a reliable internet connection.

The answers to the questions must be written in the appropriate answer fields.
Fields marked Optional can be left blank (empty).
Some questions must be answered by checking the appropriate answer box.
For questions that do not apply check the box Does Not Apply.

An error message will appear if a mandatory field is left blank.
All answers, except where indicated, must be answered in English.
You can only use Latin characters (letters).

Save and Stop

You can save a partially completed form by clicking the Save button on the bottom of the page.
If you need to stop temporarily click the Save button as well as the Sign Out button on the upper right-hand corner of the page. All data entered up to that point will be stored.
You can resume completing the form by returning to the website.
To recover your form you need to provide security information for identification purposes. Before you can resume at the point where you left off you must first review the information you entered previously.

Do not use the navigation of your browser but use the buttons like Save on the form page itself.

Time Out

The system has a Time Out-feature. If your DS-260 Form is idle for about 20 minutes you will be logged out and your session will end. Data entered up to the last time you saved is stored. Data you entered after you saved will be lost.

Save regularly to keep already completed information safe in case the connection with the server gets lost.

Check everything before accessing the Sign and Submit page of the form.

You submit your Visa Application by clicking the Sign and Submit button.

Confirmation Page(s)

Save the completed form DS-260 on your computer and print it for your files. This requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Print the Barcoded Confirmation Page and keep it safe.
You will NOT get a DS-260 confirmation email from CEAC.

In case you ‘unlock’ your DS-260 and change/add information, print the changed/added pages. When you re-submit the revised form you will get another Confirmation Page. Print this page and keep it safe also.