AOS Procedure Part 2

DV AOS Step by Step – Part 2

The AOS ‘package’ must be sent to a USCIS Lockbox Facility.
Make sure to use the correct Lockbox Address.


At the Lockbox Facility your payment is processed. The application is then forwarded to a USCIS Service Center. Which Center depends on your U.S. address.
USCIS will send you an Notice of Action & Receipt, often called NOA-1. This Notice contains the Receipt Number USCIS assigned to the file. With this number you can check your progress.

Evidence Request

It is possible you are instead sent a Request For Evidence Notice (RFE). After the information you submit is accepted by USCIS you will receive the NOA-1.

Biometrics & Interview

You will receive from USCIS an Appointment Notice for Biometrics.
You will also receive an Appointment Notice for your AOS Interview.


After a successful AOS Interview you will receive the Notice of Approval, often called NOA-2.
The NOA-2 contains your A-Number. This is a unique number issued to each permanent immigrant. The A-Number starts with the letter A – for Alien – and has 8 or 9 digits. The same number will be on the Green Card. Your A-Number stays with you for the rest of your life.

Without Interview

USCIS can decide that the AOS Interview is not needed in your case. You will then receive your Green Card a few weeks after your Biometrics appointment.

Green Card Mailed

You will receive your Form I-551 Permanent Resident Card or Green Card in the mail after 4-8 weeks.
Each Green Card is sent in a separate envelope. If you immigrate with family members it can take awhile for all Green Cards – Primary Card and Derivative Cards – to arrive. If you have not received all Green Cards within one month after the first one arrived contact USCIS.

You must also contact USCIS when a Green Card contains incorrect information or a spelling error. Have then handy: Case Number, A-Number, other information.