Consular Interview Download Worksheet

Check that names are spelled correctly and exactly the same on each submitted document. Also make sure birth dates are correct.

Include with each document you submit a copy of it.

If you submit a translated document add the translation with the certificate.

Also bring for your own use your own files.

Add to Principal’s Documentation:
  • Number Ticket IF issued at door
  • Mailing Label and/or Postage as required
For Each Applicant:
  • Barcoded Notice of Selection (KCC 1st Notification)
  • Barcoded Confirmation Page Form DS-260
  • 2nd Barcoded Confirmation (if DS-260 unlocked)
  • Appointment Notification Letter (KCC 2nd Notification)v
  • Passport
  • 4 photos
  • long/international Birth Certificate


  • other accepted Proof of Birth
  • copy of passport Biographic Identification page
  • Proof of Residence
  • Police Clearance Certificate(s)
  • sealed envelope Results of Med Exam (unless electronically submitted)

Also if applicable:

  • Internal Passport
  • copy of Internal Passport Biographic ID page
  • Resident Card


  • Work or Study Permit
  • copies of passport pages with visa(s)
  • copies of passport pages with I-94
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Decree(s)
  • Certificate of Annulment(s)
  • Death Certificate(s) of prior spouse(s)
  • Certificate(s) of Adoption
  • Custody Agreement
  • Consent Letter from other parent
  • Military Record
  • Court/Prison Records
  • Documentation for Name Change(s)v
  • other information you want/need to submit
For Principal Applicant also:
  • Resumé
  • High School Diploma or Certificate
  • other Diploma’s, Certificates, Degrees
  • most recent Tax Return or Tax Assessment
  • Letter of Employment
  • Proof of Self-Employment
  • Pay Stubs/Slips most recent 6 months
  • Statements of Payment last 6 months
  • Reference from Employer
  • Reference(s) from previous Employer(s)
  • Letter with Job Offer in U.S.
  • Bank Records/Statements
  • Proof of Assets
  • completed Form I-134 with required proof
  • name/address information for U.S. contact
  • Waiver Letter(s)